Camping Kit


Elevate your next camping experience with some creature comforts and mood lighting! Grab this mini backpack, and bring the power of sunshine to your remote oasis.

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This Solar Camping bundle is designed to put a little “ahhhhh” in your adventure. We’ve collected our favorite minimalist gear that will turn your camp into a softly lit oasis. Rest easy at your rustic getaway and lose yourself in the moment of your flickering campfire. You won’t have to think twice about your gear – mini SunCharger will keep all your devices charged, and provide the ambient glow for our tent lights.


Kit Includes:

  • mini SunCharger (TM)
  • Grab-and-go mini Backpack
  • Lighted USB multicable
  • Swag Pack: USB Fan, book light, solar LED light keychain, soft white tent lights




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