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Solar-powered systems for the DIY folks.

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The mini SunCharger was designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Rugged, dependable and complete. It was made to give you a true off grid charging experience.

Meet the best all-in-one outdoor USB charging solution. The perfect powerbank for campers, hikers, hunters and fisherman.

A mini SunCharger recharges it’s own batteries out of the clear blue sky so you can power your gear and keep the adventure going.

With a mini SunCharger you’ll be adventure prepared and disaster ready. Discover more by clicking the link below.


D.I.Y. Design Assistance 

Whatever step your personal solar power ambitions are on when you decide to get a good guide service, we’re there.

Affordable Solar Power solutions

Sol Green Energy is dedicated to bringing solar power to the people want it. We are the only off grid installer offering individually guided self install services.

Choose from our reasonable hourly rate or bundle packages. We’ll ensure the wires are right, fuses plenty and charge controller tuned in.

To start just fill in the intake form on the outdoor power system page:


Full Service Design and Build

This is where sustainability meets the the road to reality. Get your grid-independent solar power system your way with our complete design and installation services.

What’s Your vision?
The world as your office?
Indefinite Boat Trolling?
Dry camping powerfully in your RV, Van or Overlander?
Blaring “FreeBird” with a cold one in your cabin?
Whatever it is, we can do all of that!

Fill out the Boom Solar Form(c) and get initial quotes for economy and performance level systems that will meet you power goals.

Affordable Solar Power solutions

Sol Green Energy provides affordable solar power systems with uncompromised quality standards. We believe sustainability starts with self reliance.

Solar can do more than just save the earth: it can free your life of hassles and power your visions into reality. Portable and remote power access can solve countless problems creating a safer, friendlier future.

We believe that affordable self charging power systems open the doors again on the American Dream: enabling people to build their own oasis and create their own ideal lives.

We are dedicated to unmatchable customer service. Solar systems require you to get tuned in with energy efficiency and the passing of seasons which can be somewhat challenging transition from our consumerist culture.

This is why all our systems come with our full support from illustrations, to video and in person training we want you to know what to expect and how to care for your new outdoor power system.

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Did you know?


The price of solar has dropped 70% since 2010

*Check out the Solstice website for more interesting solar facts.


89% of Americans support more solar farms


At least 90% of a decommissioned solar panel can be recycled or resold

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​”Wow!! Just Wow. It really worked! This was a game-changer when we were on the road.”

Andrea L.

“My SunCharger has become more like a friend or companion I wouldn’t forget to bring than a thing.”

Stephanie C.

“Great first step into Solar. So well explained we felt confident in it right out of the box.”

Jannelle O.

“I like what you got here. This is really good I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have one.”

Sean T.

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