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Mini SunCharger™

The best solar charger for backpacking.
It’s the power bank perfected. 

Meet the FreeLoader

Perfectly sized solar charger for cabins: power for a small living room and mini fridge.
With built in Bluetooth speakers you can bring the party to your next gathering.

Free yourself with the power of the sun using Complete Portable Power Systems

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Did you know?


The price of solar has dropped 70% since 2010

*Check out the Solstice website for more interesting solar facts.


89% of Americans support more solar farms


At least 90% of a decommissioned solar panel can be recycled or resold


​”Wow!! Just Wow. It really worked! This was a game-changer when we were on the road.”

Andrea L.

“My SunCharger has become more like a friend or companion I wouldn’t forget to bring than a thing.”

Stephanie C.

“Great first step into Solar. So well explained we felt confident in it right out of the box.”

Jannelle O.

“I like what you got here. This is really good I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have one.”

Sean T.

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