Custom Designs

Sōl outdoor solar power systems

Sōl Green Energy now offers complete online solar power system design services.
We offer D.I.Y. solar enthusiasts a new way to get a solar project done. Correctly the first time with top quality gear.
We offer access to a solar engineer to help design and field consultants while building their system.
All done at a flat rate and remotely.
Get your own silent, fuel-independent, remote solar system that fits your lifestyle, budget and integrated into your existing structure.
We make sure it is at the perfect power balance for your location, budget and power requirements.

Start Your Solar Journey

Add a complete self recharging power storage system from Sōl Green Energy. Power up your oaisis or bring home everywhere your explorations take you with true location independace. 

D.I.Y. design assistance service. 

Request our custom design services to develop the perfect power solution with our D.I.Y. design assistance service. Have a solar engineer provide you with a fitted Sōl Power System or fully customized parts list the best solar power solution for your vision and needs.

Remote Site Verification3 hr
Design Service8 hr
Proposed Designs2
Final Design Revision1
Installation Consultation8 hr
Follow up Training Sessions (90 min)2
Don’t start your solar power journey in the dark

Get freedom from fuel and more time with nature, yourself and your family.

Get real time service during installation and follow up guidance on how to use it and in depth information to satisfy your curiosity. So you can learn about solar, without having to worry if you got the math wrong or searching endlessly to find the right wire sizes and fuses.

Flat rate fee of $650 provides you with direct access to solar engineers to provide you with custom solar power solutions: all wiring, switches, fuses and components necessary to complete the job yourself, or hire local help to install, approximately 8 weeks from initiation with payment.

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Sol Green Energy provides high-quality off-grid solar power systems and accessible pricing. for outdoor enthusiasts, home backup and tavel charging solutions.