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Sol Green Energy Blog
  • Can Bubble Wrap Save You a Bucket of Money?
    A drafty window is almost as bad as not having a window at all. Bubble wrapping windows is easy. It takes a little adjusting to the lighting effect, but it’s totally worth it. We usually leave our favorite windows free of bubble wrap, just so we can see the snow from time to time.  Bottom line: this is an awesome way to save money on your heating bill using a few items that barely cost anything and a little time.
  • Find the BEST Solar Charger for your Next Outdoor Adventure
    You have a collection of the best gear and a passion for what you do. When it comes to finding the perfect solar charger, it’s important to match the right system to your particular outdoor activity. Here […]
  • Corona: Hysteria Won’t Solve it, but We Will
    Opinions reflect the philosophy of Shawn owner of Sol Green Energy home of mini SunChargers – a survival tool in a crisis that un-tethers adventures. Learn more at At a time when it’s hard to look […]
  • Sustainability has to start somewhere.
    Seems like nobody can agree these days and that so many are overwhelmed with fear of what might happen years from now if we don’t change our ways. As a sustainability guy whose been at it since […]
  • Fear won’t fix the weather
    Climate change. 12 years ago I was just out of college and scared out of my mind. Everyone I looked up to told me in 12 years we would be living in mad max times. I did […]
  • Where have all the good ideas gone?
    Ideas are invisible tools. I’ve heard a lot of good ideas but so often I don’t see them implemented. Then later in my life, I remember something someone said, and the next thing I know that idea […]
  • Bootstrapping: Adaption Required
    We started this year with the dream of becoming manufacturers of a system we developed last year. This system was designed to run a small entertainment system, an internet router, and some lights. We developed a manufacturing […]
  • How much power is enough?
    That’s a great question and the answer is in understanding what you want to do with the power first If a tree fell in your neighborhood and took out the grid for a week in the middle […]
  • Go Solar Without Going Broke
    Will you be ready when the next storm hits? All these recent natural disasters and power outages have me thinking. Since I have been developing backup solar power systems right here in this neighborhood it would be […]