Tinyhome 1500 W Power Base


Best in Perfomance

A portable power system that really cooks!

This exceptional system is small enough to transport yet powerful enough to run any appliance off the shelf of the department store.

Take it on your next adventure, power your cabin or use it for home backup. It is like having a home outlet of your own.

Solar panels sold separately.


1500W Power System

Your ideal cabin power set up. It’s like bringing a slice of home to your favorite oasis.

You will be able to use anything in the kitchen section of your local department store, including a hot plate! Rainy days will no longer be a disaster at camp with hours of fully charged electronics.

Top level applience capability:

info graphic of kitchen appliances

Product Specs and Features

All SoL Green Energy systems meet our sustainability standards for operation, quality, and performance, and come with a bottomless cup of our service and support.

This system is great for tiny homes because it has

  • 1500W Pure Sine AC (3000W surge)
  • Approximately equivalent to a 15 Amp home breaker
  • LiFe Battery 1380Wh
  • Enough to power standard living room load for 32 hours.


  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • MPPT charge controller
  • Solar panel 500W Max (up to 3 panels)
  • Shock-proof casing
  • Automatic cooling fan
  • Pass-through charging (UPS)
  • 16-year operational expectancy

The best experience requires a minimum of 2 folding panels; with a capacity of up to 3.


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