Best Solar Charger For Backpacking - From Sol Green Energy

Camp better with a SunCharger:

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Trail Charger

Discover your better future.

The mini SunCharger answers the age old question “where can I charge my phone? Just leave it out, point it south, and it will keep you powered wherever you are.

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Owning a SunCharger means freedom (best solar charger for backpacking)

Made for outdoorsy people of all kinds.

Our material blend prevents overheating and survives rough treatment that happens on the trail.

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Get 30% off the Best Solar Charger

Solar for security

Start your trip right.

Take power into your hands with a complete off grid USB power bank that self charges.
It could also make you a hero in an emergency.

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Get 30% off the Best Solar Charger

Why is this the perfect powerbank?

The mini SunCharger is the best of its kind. Not just a  trickle charger, it is a complete USB solar power system designed for reliable daily use.

1. Solar panels large enough to solar charge

2. Built-in power bank with 2-3 days storage

3. Ruggedly built with heat resistant materials

4. Folds compactly into one complete system

5. Illustrated best practices guide.

If you don’t love your mini SunCharger we will
give you a full refund for up to 120 days.

If I leave the house without my mini I feel like I forgot about my best friend.


The only thing I can’t figure out about the mini SunCharger is why everyone doesn’t have one.


The solar charger and flashlight were my favorite new goodies on my last trip out west.


My Mom gave me this for my birthday. It was such a game-changer when we were on the road!


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