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A Better Solar Charger

Get more solar panels for better recharging

With stronger materials and faster USB ports.


Power Yourself Outdoors.

 The mini SunCharger is a practical renewable energy system that fits in your pocket.

If you camp, hike, hunt, shoot photos or just love a day grilling there’s bound to be a USB device around that needs charging. 

The mini SunCharger is your next best companion on adventure.

Be all the way free with a mini SunCharger. 



The mini SunCharger is a tool to make power while you’re busy achieving your best life. This simple system charges itself silently with the natural fuel provided by the sun. It serves as an efficient way to keep your essentials charged while you roam free of the power grid.

Discover the mini SunCharger

Start your journey with a complete all-in-one USB power system that recharges devices out of the clear blue sky.

Affordable Solar Power solutions

You’ve got every piece of gear that will make your trek into the wild great.

Avoid that moment where a dead battery makes you miss that perfect selfie, leaves you without GPS to get back to camp, or makes you realize just how much time you’ve wasted looking for an outlet with a self-sustaining USB Solar Charger that really works!

Ruggedly built at a mere 14 oz., the mini SunCharger packs a 10,000 mah power bank and 6 Watts of solar power into a perfectly compacted USB outlet.

You may finally have completed your camping gear list.

Bon Voyage!


Level up: More power for your adventure 

Create the perfect solar charger for camping with an extra power bank

best mini solar charger

Unlock the ideal grid independent solar charging experience.

With two power banks you’ll have a new level of freedom. You’ll be able to take one on the trail while the other charges at camp.

So simple.


Happy Camper Accessory Pack

Complete it: Grab our little backpack, perfectly sized to fit your mini SunCharger. 

USB Accessory pack

Get the things that will make you happier while you’re camping:


String lights to bring ambience to your campsite.
A fan for those really hot days.

A USB rechargeable flashlight that never has dead batteries.



Bundle up

Get the S.O.L. Survivor Pack

best mini solar charger

Be it surviving the zombie apocalypse, alien invasion or robot take over you will be glamping your way through with this complete USB based solar survival pack.

    mini SunCharger

    Extra Powerbank

    Happy Camper Pack




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