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SunCharger Guide

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Where Quality and Cost Meet Performance.

The mini SunCharger

The best solar charger for backpacking.

It’s the power bank perfected: a complete, portable USB power generator. With the right solar panels to effectively charge off the sun!

The mini SunCharger is a tool for making, storing, and using the electricity you need anywhere you go.

Any less will leave you S.O.L.

Bundle 1

Mini SunCharger Pro


Bundle 2

S.O.L. Survivor Pack


Bundle and Save

Deals to save you time and money now.

Your Choice:

The ideal camping system.

Or the only complete solar survival pack.

Bundle 1: Save $40 on the SunCharger Pro

Bundle 2: Save $50 on the S.O.L. Survivor Pack

SunCharger Pro
S.O.L. Survivor Pack

The Sidekick SunCharger

The perfect balance of power and size.

Take an outlet off the wall and bring it with you. That’s a Sidekick.

Great Companion Power for:
tent camper, mobile office workers, photographers, gig workers.

On the go power for what you love to do, that you’ll need when the power goes out.

Bundle 1

with 45 W Panel


Bundle 2

with 65 W Panel


Bundle and Save

Complete your system with the right solar panels.

Your Choice:

A 45W for good charging speeds.

Upgraded 65W panel for 4 season charging.

Bundle 1: Save $90 when you add the 45W Panel

Bundle 2: Save $50 when you buy the 65W Panel

SideKick & 45 W Panel
SideKick & 65 W Panel

The Freeloader SunCharger

The best solar charger for cabins.

Take a living room outlet and bring it with you. That’s the Freeloader.

Great Companion Power for:
family camping, cabins, #vanlife, #overlanding, medical equipment, and more substantial home backup.

Four times more storage and power output than the SideKick for truly dependable power. It even has speakers and a built-in light!

Bundle 1

FreeLoader & Folding Panel


Bundle 2

FreeLoader & ETFE Panel


Bundle and Save

We offer bundle deals when you pick your solar power.

Your Choice:

A 100W folding panel for the ultimate flexibility.

Scratch-proof ETFE flexible panel for fixed installations.

Bundle 1: Save $50 with a Folding Panel

Bundle 2: Save $40 with an ETFE Flex Panel

FreeLoader & Folding Panel
FreeLoader & ETFE Install Kit