Our Story

Our Story:

It was our first camping trip together.

We’d picked a beautiful campsite, which had a lake view and lots of trails, located near a quaint town with loads of sights to see. We had all the gear we could think of, plenty of awesome meals planned, and boldly set out for a vacation on a budget.

What we didn’t think of was maintaining our phones. Even though we didn’t plan to use them much, they had our cameras, GPS, and also our trip itinerary. Since we didn’t know the area very well, we were reluctantly forced to admit that a phone was a necessity. Our drives were too short for dependable charging, and loitering at cafés to plugin over a coffee got expensive. In the end, we never had the time or patience to get the batteries back to 100%.

Eventually, we found an outlet in the campground’s bathroom. Checking on our phones night and day was incredibly disruptive and this became a perpetual problem plaguing our previously perfect vacation.

On our next trip, we picked up a little solar-powered battery, assuming it would work as we wanted. Unfortunately, it did not.

Were our solar skills to blame or the was solar charger lacking? Doing the math, we found it would take over three days to charge just one phone. We’d been had! Guess what? We were back to watching our phone charge at the bathroom outlet.

We became determined to make a good solar charger. Driven to overcome disappointment, we set out testing systems and built a list of features that would make an ideal companion for a journey to the great outdoors. We sought a balanced system that had enough solar panels and battery storage for daily use, something built rugged and compact for real life. Enter the mini SunCharger!

The next year was great fun. We played around with USB power discovering little devices, like lights and walkie-talkies, that made our trips more enjoyable.

That winter, when a massive storm caused a week-long power outage, we realized we were on to something. Using our SunChargers, we could get the news, stay connected, and maintain some creature comforts while waiting for the grid to come back online.

Our Discovery:

With solar power, people can live free of the stupid little charging problems that can become downright debilitating in an emergency. The mini SunCharger gives people a way to take the first step toward a brighter future of self-reliance and sustainable living. That means it gives you freedom and security at the same time.  Benjamin Franklin, eat your heart out!

As we started innovating new systems to solve bigger problems, like remote office work and home backup, we found customers wanted bigger off-grid systems too. So, we started designing and building them for tiny homes, overlanders, solar carts, and a whole host of things. We helped people realize their own visions. No matter what the request, we vowed to never deliver the disappointment we had felt after our second camping trip.

In everything we do we strive to deliver a good experience with this new, almost magical, technology that offers quality and complete functionality at a fair price.

 Our Mission:

Now, more than ever, people need something to agree on. We believe that sustainability and self-reliance are two feathers from the same bird. Since we all love the outdoors and rely on technology, we think a sensible use for solar power is a great place to start.

We aspire to find the shared values of all and embody them in everything we say and do. We welcome people’s beliefs, experiences, and dreams free of prejudice. We seek to connect with seemingly impossible to blend crowds and do it with open hearts and minds.

We take pride in our ability to break complex ideas down into understandable, entertaining, pieces, and show anyone how to put them together. We believe people are incredibly intelligent, and if we treat them that way, they find joy in knowledge.

We give people the power to solve common problems with a new tool that gives them almost magical skills to create electricity. Who doesn’t like that?

 Design Principals:

We believe the best experience is when something works right, is built well, with a fair price. So, we removed the gimmicks but kept the best components for complete, rugged, and dependable systems.

Our Cause:

We want to end powerlessness for the most vulnerable people in America.

During Shawn’s time “houseless”, he was helped out by the most unusual people. Homeless veterans were the most caring and selfless of all. Because of the incredible acts of compassion he got from people with nothing to give but time and connections, we aspire to give back.

At every trade show, Sōl Green Energy takes donations for homeless veteran assistance groups. We also donate power systems to homeless people. We want the homeless to have the basic tools for self-reliance so they have what they need to start their journey to whatever their “better life” is. We will always look for new ways to expand our capabilities to meet this challenge.