Custom Design Build

Get a System Designed For You

Looking for more off-grid solar power? We offer our design-build services to give you more flexibility and control.

Flexibility allows a system to be integrated into any structure or vehicle for highly specific applications.

Control over the amount of power, expandability, cost, and maintenance of your system.

With custom systems, components can be repaired, replaced, or upgraded independently as your power use or budget changes over time.

Going with professional design services means you get a well balanced, researched, and catered design. This always saves you time and the risk of creating a poorly balanced or potentially dangerous system. A typical DIY project takes over 200 hours of research, planning, and building. How much is your time worth to you?

The trade-off when getting a customized power system is the additional cost as design time, multiple components, and manpower for installation are required to create your perfect system. Like any other utility or appliance in your home, it will need some maintenance.

For people who want guided DIY, we offer design-only service for a flat rate of $650; just fill out the same Boom Solar form below.

Start Your Custom Build

Keep it simple?

Time to go solar?

Often a solar power system can be built at locations where power lines aren’t available for less than the cost of having the utility brought to that site. In these cases, it is ideal to go solar. Instead of paying someone a hefty setup fee which then comes with a lifetime of monthly service payments, you can have a complete system that continually works for you free of charge, anywhere the sun shines!

Other appropriate situations for a custom solar install are locations where backup power is needed, for medical equipment security, or for location independent people and businesses. Or maybe you just think it’s cool; we’re on board with that too!

What’s Your Vision?

Cabin or Tiny Home

RV or Camper

Boat or Sailboat

Pagoda or Party Area


Home Emergency Power

Remote Design Services


We strive to serve D.I.Y. clients as well as those who can do only some of the work on their own. That’s why we came up with the remote design package.

With our custom designs you are assured to get the best system in the least amount of time, while allowing you to order your own equipment and coordinate your installation.

The big advantage you get with Sol Green Energy is the quality and safety of the designs. As an added incentive, our knowledge often saves our customers money than they would spend on their own!

Our design-only services are priced at a flat-rate of $650. If you decide to hire us to build it too (*within the service region below) the design fee will be deducted from the final bill.

With the design package you will get:

  • Remote Site Analysis
  • System Size Determination
  • Access to Your Custom Designs
  • Curated Links to Purchase Parts
  • 10 hrs. of Remote Installation Support Services
  • As in-Depth an Explanation of How Solar Works as Desired

Complete Custom Build

If you want the entire project built, we will assemble our skilled, efficient and friendly team to go through the phases of installation.

Projects typically are in our service region shown below. If you are outside our service area and would like a consultation, please contact us through our Boom Solar form.

Payment schedule is 40% deposit to order parts, 30% to deliver batteries and schedule the build, and final balance due on completion. All jobs should allow for a 10% contingency reserve.

Typical Project Phases

  • Ground Breaking
  • Battery Area Preparation
  • Power System Installation
  • Solar Structure Installation
  • Back Fill & Final Hook Up
  • Performance Analysis

Service Region

Our current service region is in the Western NY Finger Lakes Region and Southern Tier; anywhere west of the route from Oswego to Rome NY and down to Binghamton. If you are outside these zones, contact us through our Boom Solar form and we can discuss options.
Why Ground Mount?
We specialize in ground mount solar systems. We find that they are simpler for clients to maintain in the long run.

Roof mounting systems are not as cost-effective for our modular system designs, due to added costs and liability involved.

Ground mount also allows more flexibility when placing the solar panels, allowing us to identify the location where they will get maximum sun exposure. Ideal site selection means we can get more power out of less solar panels, which saves you money.

Validate Your Site
A few easy to follow guides can clear up if solar is possible on your site. If it’s mobile (i.e. van, RV, overlander), you’re clear. If its a fixed structure take a quick look sometime between 10 am and 6 pm.

Is there a tree clearing South, West or East side of you location?

Is there a place within 50 ft of the side of your site that gets 4-8 hours of direct sun on a given day?

These questions confirm feisibility. If your feel confident fill out the solar boom form below. One of the first steps take will be to guide you through our two step remote site assesment process.


Panel Types
We offer aluminum frame, ETFE and folding flexible a panel based on the appropriate selection for each job.
Battery Types
  • Wet Cell – High maintenance, high replacement rate, low cost
  • Gel – Low maintenance, high replacement rate, moderate cost, minimally required for mobile systems
  • Lithium Ion – Low maintenance, low replacement rate, high cost, cannot tolerate low temperatures
  • Edison Batteries – Moderate maintenance, high cost but 50-year life expectancy
System Classes
Our standard solar arrays are 200W – 4,800W

Battery banks range from 12V-48V

Based on client budgetary requirements we offer four grades of system

  1. Economy – Using approved low cost off the shelf products
  2. Mid Class – Using optimal components per application
  3. High Performance – Using primarily Victron Components
  4. Elite – Using Victron Components and Edison Batteries
You can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000-$34,000 for an installed system depending on specs and system class.

We design our systems to be upgrade friendly and work hard to find the perfect balance for you in terms of budget, system functionality and performance.



Steve built this amazing tiny home but needed power where it wasn’t available so we created a pole mounted Victron System. He was able to offset his cost by doing much of the ground work with his own equipment.


Pete made his own overlanding pop up camper and hired us for a small installation so he could run pumps while panning for gold. The system did the trick and he went all over the country!


Mary needed something simple she could take to her Adirondack Cabin that would use our portable power systems but hold the panels in the right direction while she and her family enjoyed the North Country.


Needed a simple pole mount to charge a pair of portable power systems for home emergency preparedness with a low impact on her house.


Came to us with a home-owner built system she got with her cabin that didn’t work. We discovered the panels were pointed north and our crew put it right. This was a situation where roof mount was called for!


Came to us with an electric vehicle he wanted to make solar. We fitted it with two solar panels, expanded the seating and painted it up. Now he’s the talk of the town and having a blast driving his friends around at the flea market.

Get Started

Ready to startyour own solar journey? Please answer these questions and with a few follow up emails we ill contact you in 3-5 business days with a few proposals.

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